Don't Forget Your…

If you're going to climb the world's highest mountain, you better be prepared. Here's the list of gear Kevin will have with him.

Climbing Gear

  • Ice axe
  • Black Diamond SabretoothCrampons
  • Helmet
  • Black Diamond Blizzard Climbing Harness
  • Ascenders & Hardware: One large locking ‘biner, mechanical ascenders with slings, 2 rappel devices, 3 extra slings with ‘biners. Bring 30 feet of 6mm , pulley
  • Trekking Poles (Leki of course)

Backpacks & Sleeping Bags

  • Mountainsmith Auspex Backpack w/2 external pockets and rig for videocamera case
  • Large TNF Daypack
  • Feathered Friends – 20 Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Pad: 1 Thermarest pad and one full length closed cell foam pad.
  • Camp pillow
  • Crazy Creek Chair

Camp Accessories

  • 2 Petzl Headlamps with 5 extra bulbs and 9 batteries
  • One small flashlight with 2 extra batteries
  • 1 jacket mini-flashlight
  • 2 Water Bottles / Purification: 2 one-liter water bottles with foam insulation shells. Several bottles of Iodine tablets or crystals. Pee bottle.
  • Thermos
  • Stuff Sacks: Several nylon stuff sacks, 6 large plastic trash bags and 4 or 5 large ziplock plastic bags for packing. Other zip-lock bags
  • Utensils: Pocket knife, eating utensils, large cereal bowl, and big insulated cup for hot drinks.
  • Emergency Batteries: 16 AA lithium batteries for personal walkie talkie emergency stash and helmet cam.
  • Towel

Cameras and iPod

  • 2 iPods, 2 iPod power cords, 1 cig lighter power adapter, 2 carrying cases, instruction manual, 3 headphones
  • Sony Videocamera with case, 3 Li batteries and 2 Expedition LI batteries with adapter cord, 13 one hour mini DV cassettes, cig lighter adapter and battery re-charger, one mini DV head cleaner tape, wide angle lens, instruction manual, remote wireless mike stuff with extra batteries, Ultrapod and tripod, helmet cam stuff and extra Velcro
  • Canon Elph digital still camera with 2 batteries, 3 memory sticks, instruction manual and cig lighter recharger.
  • Brunton Solarroll power source with several adapters


  • One-Sports Climbing Boots with orthotics. 
  • Merrel Hiking Boots with orthotics
  • Camp Shoes: 1 pair of camp shoes.
  • Polar Fleece booties
  • Gaiters
  • 6 complete changes of socks – 6 large and 3 liners


  • Feathered Friends baffled down suit
  • Marmot down jacket with hood
  • TNF Guide Jacket
  • Patagonia Gore-Tex bibs
  • TNF Denali Fleece jacket
  • Fleece pants
  • Feathered Friends Husky bib suit
  • REI long sleeved shirt
  • REI Fleece sweater
  • Trekking Clothes: Hiking pants with integrated shorts. 1 pairs of light nylon running shorts, polypro T-shirt, Mtn. Hardwear nylon shirt

Underwear & Long underwear

  • 2 pairs of lightweight synthetic tops and bottoms long underwear
  • 1 expedition weight top/bottom long underwear
  • 1 pair of running shorts
  • 3 Polypro boxer briefs
  • 2 Polypro briefs

Outerwear Accessories – Hands and head

  • 1 pair of liner gloves
  • 2 pairs of fleece windstopper gloves
  • 1 pair of stylin fleece gloves
  • 2 pairs of Mountain Hardwear Gore Tex ice climbing gloves
  • 1 pair of Climb High Gore Tex Overmitts with fleece inserts
  • Spare Gore Tex Overmits
  • Polypro Balaclava
  • Fleece Balaclava
  • 1 TNF hat
  • 1 Wappity Wooly hat
  • 2 baseball caps and one fleece baseball cap with ear flaps
  • 2 bandanas

Personal Accessories

  • 2 pairs of goggles (one clear) and one extra UV lens
  • 1 pair of Uvex sunglasses
  • Julbo Glacier glasses w/noseguard
  • EMS Glacier glasses
  • 2 pairs of “cheater” reading glasses
  • Logos
  • Suunto watch 
  • ProDerma 30 SPF sunscreen, windscreen, lip balm, and Blistex
  • Personal First Aid Kit: moleskin, tape, a few Band-Aids, nail clippers, nail file, Prep H, Baby aspirin, Advil/Aleve, Dayquil, Multi vitamins, Glucosamine/Conjointrin, Viactives, coughdrops, Cruex and Immodium AD
  • Prescription drugs: 1) Antibiotic for upper respiratory problems; 2) Cipro for GI problems; 3) Diamox; 4) Sleeping pills; 5) Tylenol 3; 6) Antibiotic for tooth problem; 7) Nifedipine; 8) Dexamethasone;
  • 2 dust masks Lighters: Bring several.
  • Anti-snoring dental device
  • Hand and toe warmers
  • 6 Books
  • Personal Repair Kit: Sewing kit, crampon screws, some wire and duct tape.
  • Earplugs
  • Compass
  • Whistle
  • Personal Toilet Items: comb, toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste, soap, 5 full rolls of toilet paper, 2 travel packs of Dipey-Wipes, dental floss
  • Personal munchies: 24 Cliff Bars, 24 Gus, 2 pkgs. Beef Jerky, Pepperoni stick, 10 pkgs. Cup-O-Soup, 1 Freeze Dried dinner, power drink mix, and 5 Gatorade drink mix.

Travel Items

  • Duffels: Two big duffel bags with name tags and locks. (bring extra zip ties).
  • One smaller duffel for storage at Hotel Tibet.
  • Travel Wallet, Passport, extra passport photos, money/Traveler’s checks, St. Christopher medal, neck string from 2002 Puja,
  • Plane tickets and hotel voucher
  • Equipment Inventory list
  • Trekking/travel: several pairs of jeans, shorts, 2 T-shirts, couple of extra shirts, socks and underwear